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A new look

Tuesday, 4 September 2018 09:41:11 Europe/London

Thanks for stopping by! On behalf of my whole family, I hope you like our fresh new look online...and the wee tweak to our name!  

Why have we had a re-style? Well, there’s a huge amount choice out there and we want our family business to remain the pick of the bunch for you and yours!

We want to be the florist which offers you the very best experience every time, whether it’s online, or in our shops or garden centre. We do this - and have always done this - by carefully listening and responding to our customers and reinvesting in our business.  

It’s always been about you; from the early days, when we were growers, to when we became wholesalers to meet the influx of flowers from the continent. And you were the reason we went into retail, so that people without access to transport could buy locally grown products in their high streets. Today is no different; we know you’re busy and expect us to listen and give you a great experience.

As the managing director, when I talk about our business, I often talk about the loyalty we have and the real connection with our customers.  It’s a genuine feel-good factor for me to regularly see people I went to school with in our coffee shop. A favourite story is that of one regular visitor, who used to wander around the garden centre in the early days, thinking among the greenery while smoking a pipe.  When the coffee shop was added he approached me to say that he was delighted to see the money he spent being invested back into the business and that his visits to get some peace and serenity would be enhanced by a good coffee!

It’s stories like these and the people on the journey that make our heritage so important to us, as a fourth generation family business! The new logo, designed for a modern online look, features a Beech tree, which is the name of the nursery site from which we started and still operate. Our coffee shop stands on the site of the old bulb shed - and we still operate from the Edinburgh shop we took in the 1940s, which makes us the oldest (and proudest!) existing trader in Corstorphine.  Throughout everything, our customers have been our focus.

Thank you so much for being there and being part of Williamson’s My Florist. Here’s to the future!

Jim Williamson, managing director


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