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Recent questions regarding wedding flowers, answered!

Thursday, 23 April 2015 15:59:25 Europe/London

Recent questions regarding wedding flowers, answered!

Here at our new online blog, Williamsons florists would like to share your recent questions regarding wedding flowers... 

I'm marrying with a tight budget, I love flowers and really want fresh flowers as a feature of my wedding on the 28th of April 2015. What advice can you give me to make sure I have lots of flowers for my money?

Also try to create maximum impact with your budget, don’t do lots of small fresh flower arrangements, just one or two large amazing arrangements will get your quests remembering your amazing fresh flowers. Williamsons Design Florist can also move your wedding flowers from the church to the reception, enabling you to double the visibility for a small cost.

One of my Brides maids suffers with hay fever. I wanted my bridesmaids to hold posies of roses, is there an alternatively?
There should be no problem carrying roses. Allergies generally are related to the pollen in lilies and grasses. Or ask one of our florists to use some of our good quality silk roses and mixed them with fresh foliage, no one will ever notice if they are good quality roses in a realistic colour!

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