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9 Spring gardening tips

Friday, 20 April 2018 10:11:16 Europe/London

9 Spring gardening tips to prepare your garden for Summer

Our Spring gardening guide will help you to get your garden Summer-ready!

What to do in the garden in April

As the sun strengthens and more and more plants are flowering after a long winter, it’s delightful to watch floral pops of colour appearing as the garden comes back to life - and to see the fruits of your earlier efforts.  

1. Spring clean your garden - April is a good time for a garden and patio Spring clean. Pull out old plants from the borders or containers, clean your patio, remove algae from the slabs and get your pots ready for a new planting season. It’s an added bonus that you’ll burn 200+ calories an hour in the garden, helping to keep you fit; who needs to pay a gym subscription!

2. Maintain your garden pond in Spring - As the pond life returns we suggest that you turn the pump back on and examine your pond. You’ll also need to consider which plants need pruning and any new ones you’d like to add. Remember that there are special water plant food pellets which help the plants thrive.

If you don’t have a pond in your garden yet, and you’ve got space, then maybe it’s time to build one!

3. Revitalise the soil - After many months of going uncared for, it’s time to turn your soil and add moisture via organic material like compost or manure. If you are a keen gardener, you might need to test the soil to see what nutrients it needs; it may also need fertilizer and mulch to improve it and increase the life of your plants.

What to do in the garden in May and June

As summer draws nearer, there are some things you can do to make sure you get the most out of those summer days and nights.

4. Plant your containers - For the majority of the UK, the beginning of May is the perfect time to choose blooms and plant up a container, as we cross our fingers for warmer weather to help them settle in nicely. If however you’re in Scotland and a frost hits (yes, seriously!), you can bring your containers indoors to ensure the plants survive!

5. Protect against slimy garden pests - Be aware that this is a key time of year for taking action to protect your plants from slugs and snails! There are many methods, from pellets, to encouraging their predators, to introducing plants that will distract them - or laying pennies or crushed eggshell which they don’t want to crawl over.  

6. Start growing veg - May is the best time of year to start growing vegetables, however keep them in the greenhouse, or make sure they are covered, just incase the temperatures dip.  

7. Don’t peak too early and choose plants carefully - Risk of frost early in May is also a concern when planting summer bedding plants. Please take our advice and don’t start early - wait until late May or early June to make sure your plants are at their best. We suggest selecting perennials rather than annuals, because annuals have to be replaced every year, whereas perennials are a better investment: they last for two to three years and usually survive winter frosts.

8. Tidy up evergreens - There’s no better time to give your evergreen hedges a trim. Make sure you check the hedge for any nesting birds before you go straight in and start chopping!

9. Fight moss and weeds - Continue to keep on top of removing moss and weeds from your paths and terraces – it’s not just the plants that are growing quickly at this time of the year. Stock up on some weedkiller which will fend off most weeds for at least a couple of months.

With everything tended to, come June you can also dust down the BBQ and recliners to enjoy the sunshine.  Oh - and keep on top of the weeds!

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